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Happily Ever After: Godmothered

I love fantasy movies. Especially when it’s done really well. And fantasy movies with a modern twist never hurt anyone. Sometimes they can come off as cheesy and inevitable. But if it’s done right, or at least in a different way. Oh what fun it is to watch.

Enter “Godmothered” a new Christmas film, made exclusively for Disney+. When I first heard about this film being made, I thought it was about the fairy godmother. You know from Cinderella. I thought to myself “do we need a movie about her?”. Upon seeing the trailer I was pleasantly surprised. It’s a complete 180 from what’s expected. That’s kind of the theme of the whole movie.

Set during the holidays, “Godmothered” tells the story of Eleanor, a fairy godmother in training. When she discovers that fairy godmothers are in danger of no longer being needed. She decides to help a young girl who was ignored. Only to discover the young girl is now a grown woman.

Just to get this off my chest yes I see the similarities to Enchanted. Fairytale creature sent to the real world, trouble ensues. However I do see a big connection to the movie Elf. If you're a fan of these movies like I am. Especially if Elf is in rotation at your house during the holidays. Then is this a treat. 

So what did I like about this movie 

A funny twist on an original story.  Showing the godmothers in school. Showing them picking on each other. Knowing that everything is not so perfect and magical. The dark tones of the set design and costumes are an interesting twist as well. Making Eleanor stick out more. And to show that not everything is pink and sparkly.

The tributes to the fairy godmother and other characters and movies. Using pumpkins, asking about carriages and princes. It’s a cute touch without being annoying. The film also gives nods to Maleficent, Princesses and the genie. Lots of references to “The Sound of Music” which is hilarious. 

The adult jokes. Surprising for a disney movie. They are subtle but still very adult. Even a scene at a bar, with Eleanor asking what beer is. It’s appreciated with all the fluff. 

Jillian Bell as Eleanor. She is a ball of sugar plum with marshmallows and cotton candy on top. And has no apologies about it. If Buddy the elf and Princess Gisselle had a baby it would be Eleanor .  And just like her counterparts Jillian and Eleanor are adorable and funny. Side note and I don’t know why. Every time Eleanor yelled or screamed, I busted out laughing. 

Isla Fisher as Mackenzie Walsh. Whenever I see her in a movie, she is always the happy girl. Similar to Eleanor in this movie. It’s a nice change to her in this more serious role.

June Squibb as Agnes. As the narrator of the story. She is just adorable. Talking to the audience. Wondering why you (the audience) don’t know about magic. Her effortless acting make you miss her when she’s off screen

My only dislike is that it’s a tad too long. It's not a drag. But it took me away from the story for a bit. Not a big deal but something to mention

Jillian Bell as Eleanor

So what’s my opinion of “Godmothered” the enchanting Christmas fairy tale. That has a beer drinking, sound of music loving fairy. I loved it. It’s adorable. There’s a lot of magic, animals and silliness for the kids. Tons of adult humor for the grown ups. If you want something different to watch, I’d vote for this movie! 

“Godmothered” is available for streaming now on Disney+

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Floral Moral
Floral Moral

I haven’t watched this yet . It’s on my to watch list . I like Isla Fisher though.

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