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Out Of The Darkness: Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

Being true to yourself is one of the bravest things you can do. Knowing who you are inside and out. Accepting it, Loving it, And not caring what anyone else thinks. When you think about it, it’s quite fabulous.

That brings us to “Everybody’s talking about Jamie”. The movie and stage show is based on the true story of Jamie Campbell, a British teenager who has dreams of being a drag queen. Jamie’s story began as a documentary in 2011 before being developed into a musical. The show premiered in London’s West End in 2017. And now a feature film.

I came across the musical just going down the YouTube rabbit hole. I learned Jamie’s story and was fascinated. I was never that brave at 16. I’m not that brave as an adult. It’s something to admire.

Please note there are some scenes that use racist and homophobic language. This might be uncomfortable for some viewers.

How much did I like this movie, let me tell you the ways.

The staging of the musical numbers! All visually stunning. Some even like mini music videos. Each moving the story along while still giving something to look at. Very creative and fun.

Sarah Lancashire as Margaret New, Jamie’s mom. You want to give her a hug every time she is on screen. So kind and full of love and support for her son.

RICHARD E. GRANT AS HUGO/ LOCO CHANEL. First off, applause to him for saying yes to doing this. Secondly, you want to run and scream “yasss” in his first scene. Funny, fierce and fabulous. Almost like a second mom to Jamie. Side note Richard makes a very handsome lady. Also it’s Richard E. Grant, when has he ever done wrong.

Jamie's journey. His story is something special to watch. I appreciate Jamie having to work for his drag. Nothing is ever handed to him. He doesn’t get a Cinderella story. He stands up for himself. He speaks his mind. His confidence alone is something special. It’s very refreshing to see.

The supporting cast. From Jamie’s best friend Pritti. To Ms. Hedge, Jamie’s teacher. To Jamie’s dad. The acting is great. Even with all the fantastic musical numbers. They give some realism, which is a good balance.

I literally have nothing bad to say about this film. There might be some British slang that might go over people's heads. And it does drag along a little towards the end. But who cares. It’s a great film. We need more films like this. More stories with LGBTQIA+ characters. Being authentically themselves.

So what’s my opinion of “Everybody’s talking about Jamie”? It’s needed. A positive story for the LGBTQIA+ community. I highly recommend teenagers see the movie. If you like musicals, drag, or just a really good story. Give this one a watch.

“Everybody’s talking about Jamie” is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

The stage play can currently be seen in London’s Apollo Theatre. The musical will make it’s American stage debut in 2022.

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