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Blessings On Blessings: Chicken and Biscuits

Families. None of them are perfect. And those who say they do, are most likely lying.

We all have our issues, our imperfections, and our secrets.

That brings us to Chicken and Biscuits. A new comedy. What began as a small show is now playing on Broadway. Takes place during a family funeral. Drama ensues when secrets unfold. In the end it shows that no family is perfect, and together they are stronger.

I wanna start by saying how happy I was to see this on Broadway! We’re getting more diverse in the theatre community. We need more! But this is a good start! It warmed my heart to see the cast and creative team receive so much love.

So what parts of this show I feel are anointed?

The story. It is nothing new. But how it was told is what got me. Focusing more on the family involved. How death is affecting them. Also the relationships within the family. Everyone has a story. Everyone has a moment to tell it.

It’s not toned down for Broadway. There’s cursing, insults and fighting. Just like a real family would. Some are for laughs, some are serious. But it wasn’t simmered down for a family audience, and that’s appreciated.

The immersive performance. I love immersive theatre. Having the audience involved only helps the story. This show takes place mostly in the round. With the actors walking in and around the audience. There are also moments where the actors talk to the audience. There was a moment that a simple stare to the audience had the crowd howling. The funeral scene uses the audience as members of the church. I heard “amen” and “hallelujah” shouting from patrons. Very effective storytelling.

The cast is incredible. Perfectly cast and performed so well. They all give depth and compassion to these roles. You believe every word they are saying, staying with them every moment of the show.

Ebony Marshall - Oliver as Beverly Jenkins. She steals every scene she is in. Getting better and better as the show goes on. By the end you want to give her a hug and have a drink with her. Keep an eye on this lady, she’s a star.

“Homie’s Paradise”. I’ll just say that. If and when you see the show, you’ll know what I’m talking about. It was my favorite part. Hysterical, made my stomach hurt.

I have no dislikes for this show. Not one. Is it perfect, no. But that’s the moral of the show, it’s not supposed to be. I think it makes the show so much more fun and so much more enjoyable. It has a lot of heart. And it’s just funny, who doesn't love a good laugh.

So what’s my opinion of “Chicken and Biscuits”? It is a blessing to the Broadway community. Hilarious and heartwarming writing, clever staging, and brilliant acting. Go see it and feel the spirit!

Chicken and Biscuits is playing on Broadway at Circle in the Square until January 2022

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