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Louder Than Words: Tick Tick…Boom!

Dreams, we all have them. But how far will we go to achieve them. Some of us will go to great lengths and sacrifice. Some will quit and imagine “what if”. Others will just get lucky. You’ll never know until you take that first step.

“Tick Tick…Boom!” based on the semi-autobiographical musical. Based on the life of Jonathan Larson, creator of RENT. It tells the story of an aspiring composer trying to establish himself in theatre. All while juggling life, love and friendship.

So what did I enjoy about the film adaptation?

It’s a story all artists, up and coming artists and anyone with a dream can relate too. Especially in the theatre community. It’s not easy. Especially when you have something that’s different. There are artists that try for years for their shot. The musical, and now the film is a love letter to all the creative minds.

Andrew Garfield as Jonathan Larson. He becomes Jonathan in every sense. From his mannerism to his musicality. You feel the struggle and pain. But you also feel that sense of hope. Andrew gives an amazing performance. He gave everything he had and it shows. Truly award winning

The Direction. Lin Manuel Miranda does a fantastic job in capturing the spirit of the stage play. Keeping the film intimate when it needs to be. While keeping it entertaining to watch. The movie goes back and forth with Jonathan’s performance of “tick tick boom” flashing back to his life leading up to it. Almost as if you were getting two movies at once. It was very effective.

It's a musical without being big and flashy. Yes there is dancing, dream sequences and people do sing to camera but it’s all done in a fluid way. Keeping the sense of realism front and center.

The 90s aesthetic . The film takes place in 1990. It’s the small aspects that didn’t make it a big throwback joke. That I really appreciated. From fashion, to music, to the AIDS epidemic. There’s a scene where Jonathan explains his musical. It’s a little scary how accurate the show would be today.

The realism of show business. There is a great scene towards the end. Judith Light’s character Rosa talks about having to keep going and consumerism in the theatre. Don’t believe me? Look at the shows on Broadway. Not much of a difference from 1990. I was thrilled that this was included. It’s something that’s often talked about but never seen.

My only dislike is how heartbroken I was at the end. How Jonathan never got to see what his writing had done. How many people can and will relate to Jonathan’s story. And sadly how not much has changed, just technology. That being said, I believe Jonathan would have loved the movie.

So what’s my opinion of “Tick Tick… Boom!” ? It’s truly stunning. Beautifully directed and acted. It’s a tribute to all the aspiring artists out there to keep going and never give up. Because there is always the next one.

“Tick Tick… Boom!” Is available for streaming on Netflix

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