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When You Stream Upon a Star: Disney+

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Hey did you get Disney+ yet?

How much are you loving it?

I subscribed weeks ago!

They had me at Star Wars!

I’m getting it just for marvel!

That’s all I’ve been hearing the past couple of months leading up to the launch of Disney+, the new streaming service from the house of mouse. At first I was a bit hesitant. When I herd of the initial concept it sounded too good to be true. “We’re not getting all that content” I would say to myself.

However in the days leading up to the November 12 launch, the hype was incredible. Everyone was talking about it. Everyone was ready to see how Disney was going to use a streaming service. So I signed up on launch day, and was pleasantly surprised.

It’s been a week later and I’ve been asking everyone “what was the first thing you watched”. For me it was Lizzie McGuire. Specifically the episode “inner beauty”. It was the very special episode about eating disorders. Why did I wanna watch that, don’t know, but all the feelings came out while watching.

So what do I like about Disney+. First of all the content. There is a lot on there. From the classic animated films, to the old school live action. To as recent as the avengers. There’s a lot of content on here. Not just Disney, but Disney owned properties like Star Wars and marvel. Every freaking Star Wars movie is on there! However what sold me on the whole idea is the Disney channel. Not only does Disney+ have the tv shows I grew up on like Lizzie and That’s So Raven. But they have every DCOM ever produced. That’s “Disney channel original movie” for those who didn’t grow up on that time. It was like lifetime movies for kids, it was fantastic. I remember growing up and Disney channel would have a new movie every month. It’s awesome to have them on there to relive the nostalgia.

Something else that’s cool is the extras. A lot of the movies have extra content. Like behind the scenes or trailers. Sort of like DVD bonus material. It’s a nice touch if you really enjoyed the movie or if you wanted something else to watch.

Another cool feature is the exclusive movies and shows. I’m not gonna get into all of them. As there are some that are on the service already and some on the way. However everyone is talking about the “Lady and Tramp” live action movie. Which looks adorable. Also to make this full circle, Lizzie McGuire is returning in 2020 with a new revival!

With all this amazing content and feature. I do have two teeny issues with it. One is streaming. Disney+ is available on most streaming platforms and devices. However if it’s an older model, it can’t be used directly on the device. For example I have a older Apple TV and Disney+ is not available. So I airplay it from my phone. It’s not a big issue for me. But for some it might be annoying.

The other thing is.....well I don’t wanna say false advertisement. If there’s another way to say it let me know. But some content is there but can’t be viewed until a year from now. Example, the other day i noticed the recent live action version of Cinderella was on Disney+. So I decided to grab a snack and watch it. When I pressed the movie. The tag line says “Coming to Disney+ September 2020”. September 2020!!! What’s the point of putting it on the service then. I get it if it was a month before. The summer before, get some momentum going. But a year in advance, that’s a bit much.

Now I wanna talk about what I wanna see in the future. If this was just the launch, I can imagine what the future has in store. I wanna see old ABC sitcoms and dramas. Old Tv shows and movies from abc family. Older Disney channel shows! Bring everything, and I mean everything. Even the shows that lasted half a season, bring that content out of the vaults. And where are those movies that used to air on ABC as “The Wonderful World of Disney”. Bring that out too! Anything with mouse ears!!!!!

So if you want my opinion on Disney+, it’s fantastic. This is something that’s going to get better. If you are an avid Disney fan. Get it. But who am I kidding, you already got it and saw Peter Pan three times already!

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