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A little bit naughty: Matilda the Musical

All children are special. Eventually they group up to be special human beings.

Matilda the Musical. Based on the Roald Dahl book and the stage play of the stage name. The 2022 film has been in development since the play opened on Broadway in 2013. Most of the creative team from the stage version have retuned for the film. After many delays due to the pandemic, the filming began in Ireland in 2021.

I grew up with the book and the 1996 film. I eventually saw the stage version shortly before it closed on Broadway. I like everyone else from my generation wanted to have powers and move things with my mind. But a movie will suffice for now.

So who gets a gold star from Ms. Honey?

The camp factor. The stage musical was very in your face in terms of staging, sets and costumes. This is colorful and big with extra colors on top. It’s very effective.

Alisha Weir As Matilda. She’s incredible. Very much a grown up in a child’s body. Holding her own in the role, without being annoying

The musical numbers. Going back to the camp favor. They are big, lavish colorful and in your face. Most of the big numbers are done in fantasy sequence, showing a child’s perspective. It’s fun to watch. The final two numbers really live up to the hype.

Lashana Lynch as Miss Honey. We’ve all had or wanted a teacher like Miss Honey. She gives a very serious and heartfelt performance. Her solo alone wins the movie for me

And what belongs in the chokey?

The removal of songs. I know this happens with adaptations. But this is one of those exceptions that a lot should have stayed. All of the songs in Matilda are very well done. It also gives a chance for everyone to sing. You just asking “where is this song, where is that song”

It’s missing a bit of the creepy/scary factor. While the film had its share of moments. The musical did a better job at setting up the school and Trunchbull as something frightening and intimidating.

So what’s my opinion of Matilda the musical. I enjoyed it. It brought back fun memories. Great casting and an amazing score. It really reminded me of how much I loved the stage play. I also think it’s great to show children as thier first musical. I’d give it watch. It great for the child and the child in all of us.

Matilda the musical is currently streaming on Netflix!

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